Sorry we currently do not have any puppies available! 

If you are interested in upcoming litters, please fill out our puppy interest form! 



All Shelpin Puppies are sold with the following:

All sire and dam's of our Cocker Spaniel litters are DNA tested for PRA, FN and AON.  Our Ridgeback litters parents are fully health tested and hip/ elbow scored.

Conditions of sale is that all buyers will desex their puppy between 7-12 months of age, a vet certificate must be provided to the breeder as proof of desexing.  All new owners must sign our agreement prior to the puppy leaving our care.

Puppies will remain in co-ownership until they are desexed.  Once puppy is desexed the pedigree papers will be transferred solely into your name.

Our preference for homes for our puppies will always be a loving family pet home, we are not against people who are interested in showing and/or breeding, however we do prefer not to place our puppies into breeding homes.  Puppies will not be sold on Main Register to just anyone.  If you are interested in showing or breeding please contact us with more information before requesting a Main Register puppy.

We like to keep in contact with all new owners and are available 24/7 to help with questions.  Puppies are welcome to stay with us while you are on holidays etc.